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v i s u a l f a s h i o n


visualtype vogues
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Hello! this community is for you to show off your visual fashion.
If that confuses you, you probably do not have a visual fashion style, but just in case.

a visual fashion is that of an extreme nature. this would include copious amounts of vinyl, bows, dresses (on boys), buckles, leapord print, top hats, lace, fishnet, etc. most likely you'd wear makeup to reflect the clothing you were wearing, heavy, black, insane.
i think that was a decent explaination!

so here you go, a community for you to post in what sort of clothes you wear, buy or even make!

some rules:

I. ZERO FLAMING: you will be banned immedietly
II. NO CROSS POSTING: you will be warned. after the first warning, you will be banned.
III. ONLY RELEVANT POSTS: I don't want to hear how your day went, and neither does anyone else. here we talk about clothes and makeup, that is all.
IV. Possibly, when more members join (if that ever happens ;_;), we'll hold a vote to rate the best costume of the week. the winner will, uh, get something?
V. posts about artists who's fashion you like or would like to copy & need advice for materials or whatever are okay, as long as they're not all you ever post about!

I guess that's it!